Twitter is Sending Bacon Salt

Twitter is Sending Bacon Salt
Here are 3 simple rules to maximize the impact of your client gift:

  1. Find something unique!  Standing out is hard and it is even harder with gifts!  It isn’t the amount of money you spend, but rather it is trying to find something uncommon that won’t get shoved in a drawer or a regift pile.
  2. Get it in the mail early!  December is crazy busy and being first does have outsized rewards.  Not only do you ensure your client will actually receive it before taking off for vacation, but it won’t get lost amongst a pile of gifts on a desk chair.
  3. Try to find something that your client or their spouse will actually utilize and isn’t a one time use product.  This will ensure that you are remembered each and every time your gift is used.

We have a great gift collections that are perfect for client gifts or host/hostess gifts starting at $39.99!  If you need a large quantity, feel free to contact us at