Hamptons Magazine's 10 Summer Must-Haves

Praise from some of the leaders in the industry

Katie Lee – Author, Chef & Co-Host of Food Network’s The Kitchen says, “I’ve lived in the Hamptons for almost 13 years now and I like to send my friends a little taste of my community with these salts.”

Pat LaFrida – Author of the bestselling book “Meat Everything You Need to Know” and owner of Pat LaFrieda Meat Purveyors says: “the finest aged prime beef deserves a fine, all natural, artisanal salt; I like Hamptons Kosher Flake for cooking and Hamptons Finishing Salt, just before serving.”

Paul Denamiel – Le Rivage – “There is so much wonderful flavor concentrated into these salts, a little goes a long way in any dish towards adding amazing flavor without having to add a ton of fat, oil or butter. Whether I’m cooking American food at home or traditional French cuisine in my restaurant, I can always find the perfect Hamptons Salt Company flavor to add tons of taste or to put the perfect finishing touch on a dish.”

PJ Calapa – Altamarea Group – “Nothing like finishing some beautiful Montauk fluke crudo with Bali Pyramid made by Hamptons Salt Company. The texture and minerality takes this local gem to another level!

Josh Capon – Lure Fish Bar – “Nothing beats Grilling outside with a cold beer in your hand during the summer and Hampton Salt makes the perfect finishing salt for any piece of fish or meat coming off the grill. Try the Lime salt on a piece of local fish or scallops or even a pork chop or steak and you will know exactly what I am talking about!”

Jason Weiner – Almond Restaurants – “The texture and mineral content of Hamptons Salt makes a good dish great. Its wild and unrefined nature provides an amazing background to crudos, ceviches, steaks, and popcorn. Pretty much anything.”

Ed Brown – Ed’s Chowder House – “Loving Hampton Salt, my favorites…..Fleur de sel – I use it when I start cooking the vegetables for my chowder. It gives a huge depth of flavor throughout. I also like to give a few sprinkles on a moist grilled lobster just before I serve it. Cypress Flake is my new GO-TO finish salt for the many fish crudo dishes we serve. A couple flakes on caramel ice cream are amazing. Personally, I love this salt on a hot buttered cheddar jalapeno biscuit at Ed’s Chowder House.”

John Delucie – Crown & The Lion – “It’s really great. We use it a lot specifically on the fluke crudo and the duck. It gives a nice ocean-y salt texture without being over bearing.”

Chris Jaeckle – All’onda – “My favorite is the Cyprus Flake. It has the remnants of a coarse pretzel salt with a much cleaner melting finish.”

Cinzia Gaglio – Osteria Salina – “It’s on our menu! Smoked Chardonnay Oak Salt perfect for our 20 oz. N.Y. Strip.”

Gretchen Menser – Fresno – “Hamptons Salt Co. has amazing products with exquisite flavor and texture. On my menu now I’m using the Sel Gris tossed with toasted Marcona almonds to garnish a dark chocolate ancho chili powder pots de creme. A regular customer said ” My favorite desert ever “. Thanks Hamptons Salt Co., possibilities are endless!”