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About us

About Hamptons Salt Company

Hamptons Salt Company is the preeminent provider of all natural sea salt. Our salt merchants scour the world to offer you the best selection of raw salts, flavored salts or smoked salts. All our salts are unrefined and have no unhealthy additives. Each salt has a unique taste profile based on the sea from where it originated and the natural minerals are not stripped out like refined salt.

Our selection of flavored and smoked salts are all natural and provide a burst of flavor with just a pinch and can add some zip to any meal, snack or drink!

A Note From Our Founder

I have always loved the sea.  Little did I know that growing up on an island would guide me to create a company with all natural products derived from the great oceans of the world. As a concerned father, I am cautious about what my family eats and once I began researching salt – I discovered that most of the salt Americans consume is actually nothing more than chemicals. Refined salts are stripped of all natural minerals found in the sea and most contain potentially unhealthy anti-clumping additives, I realized using this wasn’t a smart choice for my family.  So I went to our cupboard and got rid of all the refined salts, including my kosher salt. This is how Hamptons Salt Company was born and since then, I’ve created an amazing assortment of all natural salts from around the world.

I hope you’ll follow my challenge to rid your kitchen of refined salts and replace them with some of our amazing sea salts from around the globe. We have a great selection of raw salts with various taste profiles, which are derived from where the salts originated.  We also offer amazing infused and smoked salts.  Our process is simple. We take great sea salt and combine it with all natural ingredients to produce powerful flavors with a slight sprinkle.  In many cases, these flavored salts can even be sprinkled on vegetables or greens to add flavor without using unhealthy dressings.

You may ask, “I thought salt isn’t good for you?” Actually, salt is one of the few things that humans must consume to stay alive.  However, too much of it, like most things, can be unhealthy.  The reason some Americans have an issue with salt intake usually isn’t from sprinkling too much on their food, it is that the majority of the food they are eating is processed and prepared using a high content of refined sodium.  Truth be told, I actually try to limit the amount of salt I use in my cooking and let my family add it into their meals on a personal basis.  Some recipes require salt in the cooking process and in those cases, I’m always sure to use one of our amazing raw sea salts, like our Sel Gris from France or our Kosher Flake.

Peter Pierce

Our Founder